Naimnet updates?

Posted by: nap-ster on 17 April 2007

Has anybody heard anything about the April introduction of the first products?
Posted on: 28 April 2007 by Cjones
I second the request. Having gone through hell, trying to find a NetStreams dealer/installer, I am slowly on my way to a NaimNet distributed audio system. I am putting a lot of faith in NAIM that it won't suck. Here in the US, I was told not to expect anything until August, at the earliest.

I will update as things progress.
Posted on: 02 May 2007 by David Quigley

I am also in New York and rennovating and am debating on what to do about installing some cabling for future options. Any chance I could bend your ear on what you learned so far?

Posted on: 03 May 2007 by joe90
Contact Netstreams and ask them who your local installer is.