Ford GT40

Posted by: Jedi on 01 November 2003

Seeing Clarkson the other night raving about the new GT40 reminded me of what a beautiful car that was, back in the late sixties when it was winning races in front of Ferrari's.
Got me to thinking about how nice it might be to own one!
Can't afford the real thing though, but there are people out there who make Kit versions. Does anyone on this forum have any experience of Kit car construction that can give me any advice?

Hmmm, upgrades.
Posted on: 01 November 2003 by jayd
No experience with kit car construction myself (though I always wanted to do one of the Bradley GT VW-based things in my younger days), but I've had a ride in a real GT40.

As a teen, I frequented a car lot that specialized in the unusual and exotic; got to lust after Lambos and Ferraris, and became good friends with the proprietor. When he got the GT40 in (a MK IV), I'd never heard of it. I remember not liking the blue and orange paint, and thinking it looked even more primitive inside that the Pantera he had at the time. When he offered me a ride, I wasn't expecting much. Ten minutes later, legs shaking, I was a changed young man. Smile

I've lusted after that kind of horsepower and engine sound ever since (the thing ROARED).
Posted on: 03 November 2003 by NaimThatTune
Hi Yoda,

You may find this link useful and informative:

Ford GT40 Enthusiasts

It has links to other GT40 sites, including replica manufacturers.


Posted on: 03 November 2003 by Top Cat
Has (cough) Noel Edmonds still got his GT40? Gotta admire the man's taste in cars...


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Posted on: 04 November 2003 by Chris L
Yet another opinion from someone who hasn't built a GT40, but I knew a couple of people who have. From what I've been told, the GT40 kits are not exactly ideal first kit cars, being relatively complicated and expensive, with not much easy transfer of parts from a donor vehicle.

GTD seems to be going through some tribulations just now, but some details are available at GTD40 note that this is not GTD's site, but a page on the GT40 enthusiast's site at

Lastly, the other notable quality supplier of GT40 kits in the UK is Tornado: Tornado Sports Cars

Hope that piques your interest!

Posted on: 05 November 2003 by Chris L

No offence was intended, and Alan is correct that my comment was to indicate that I had no direct experience of building a GT40 replica myself, not any criticism of the previous posts. In fact, my kit car experience is limited to helping out a couple of colleagues during builds of Seven replicas (well, one Caterham, and one Westy, so one was actually a "real" Seven).

FWIW, as far a Cobra replicas go, top of my list would be the Gardner-Douglass. I would put Dax second, but purely because the shape of the Tojiero is probably the most accurate replica of the 427 there is, but I don't like the Jag underpinnings.

You are quite right that the GTD40 is the most respected of the GT40 replicas, but, as I say, GTD seems to be going through some funnies just now. As far as I know, the Tornado is the best GT40 kit currently available in the UK - but I strongly hope that GTD get sorted out.

The only GT40 replica that might better the GTD would be the almost legendary Mallock GT40, but that was never a kit, AFAIK, and very expensive.