Vauxhall Zafira

Posted by: monkfish on 29 October 2003

I am tempted by the Zafira because of the versatility (I have 2 dogs, a Rottweiler and a golden retriever) size, and for the money they are quite well appointed. The model I am considering is the Club 1600,16v.
I havn't had a test drive yet so wondered if anyone out there can give me any info, my present car is a Ford Focus 1.8 turbo deisel.
Posted on: 29 October 2003 by Malcolm Davey
A colleague has bought one (having left the company car scheme). He thinks it is very good - had it 6 months. Still does long journeys, last week Liverpool and back in a day from Datchet. He is also able to take his 6 year old and lots of his friends plus football kit as a bonus
Posted on: 29 October 2003 by steved
A colleague has a Zafira for his company car. He previously had the 2 litre petrol, and has recently replaced it for the 2 litre diesel. He loves it, and it is very flexible indeed.

Steve D
Posted on: 29 October 2003 by monkfish
Thanks for your prompt replies, looks like a test drive is needed.
Posted on: 02 November 2003 by ChrisD
i had a zafira 1.6 as a courtesy car last week and didnt really like it that much. its underpowered and the engines quite noisy on the motorway. i didnt really like the driving position either, felt like i was driving a bus or something. i also felt the steering was way too light for my liking. personally i wouldnt spend my own money on one and was glad to get my astra back after having a new gearbox fitted.

i am only 21 though so im sure my idea of a nice car is very different to yours! space and practicality isnt really what i look for in a car, which i guess is what you are after if you are looking at a zafira!

Posted on: 05 November 2003 by BigH47
The rear seats are V clever but feel a bit like benches. As Chris says the driving position is'nt up to much, most of the types are similar though. Overall feel is a bit top heavy and therefore seems to be "falling over " in the corners. You just have to remember it ain't a car.