NaimNet Demo - Christchurch, New Zealand

Posted by: Steven Hopkins on 08 April 2008

Pure Hifi is pleased to announce that the NaimNet NS01 Music Server and NetStreams multi-room audio distribution will be demonstrated during a relaxing evening at The Top Hi Fi Shop in Christchurch. This will be your opportunity to get a "hands on" audiophile experience with NaimNet & NetStreams multi-room equipment.

The SuperNait Integrated Amplifier (plus HiCap2) will be partnered with the NS01 Music Server as well as a Rega P3/24 Turntable.

Both sources will be distributed via NetStreams patented IP technology in true audiophile quality to multiple zones - speaker systems in use will be the Naim Allae (202/200 in 2nd zone) and the N-Sat/N-Sub combination (Supernait in main zone).

This is an invitation only event - registration is essential to reserve your place - email your contact details to Details of the time & date will be e-mailed upon registration
Posted on: 13 April 2008 by Macker
For those technical minded or just plain interested readers, I thought I would detail exactly what NaimNet/Netstreams products will be in use...

The Naim NS01 Music server/player will be providing an analogue out put via a HiLine into a SuperNait (with HiCap2) feeding the N-Sat/N-Sub speaker combination. A Rega P3/24 & Rega phono will also be playing via the supernait.

Analogue output from the SuperNait will be "captured" via it's tape output sockets and using a Netstreams MediaLinX will be turned into a network stream that can be picked up from the other 2 locations (this would enable any source running into the SN to be listened to in other locations in real time, could be a TT, CDP, Tape Deck, TV, etc).

Two other locations in the shop are fitted out with NetStreams equipment to play either the analogue stream from the SN or two independant server streams (i.e. you can browse the music on the server and play what you want, when you want it).

One NetStreams zone will utilise a 4.3" TouchLinX screen control panel and a SpeakerLinX 50watt stereo amplifier feeding a pair of conventional speakers, the other zone will use a 7" TouchLinX panel with a NetStreams AudioPort to provide analogue output into a Naim NAC202/NAP200 combination feeding Allaes.

We also have an IP Camera in the main demo room which can be viewed & controlled from each of the TouchLinX panels...think security or baby room monitor. Oh and intercoms are built into the TouchLinX products so we can talk to the demo rooms when it suits.

There will also be some red/white/brown liquid and solid fuel for the body and mind...

Don't forget to Register at before the 16th of April to reserve a place..ROAR