In/On Wall Surround Speaker recommendations anyone?

Posted by: Splobadodge on 08 February 2016

As per title I'm looking for a movie dedicated system to aesthetically please in the new lounge & also free some floor space (for another sub haha ) therefore preferably on/in wall.   Don't need any subs just the LCR & satellite speakers. Been eyeing up all sorts from Jamo D500 in White, Jamo D600 maybe vinyl wrapped in white. Mon Audio Apex. The totem tribes 2&3 look v.nice. I would assume the in wall Kef Ci4000 & upward series should be fairly decent?

Sooo many options available I'm going to have to audition some when I get chance.  Just wondered if anyone had any glowing recommendations to consider to shortlist?

Room is bout 4m sq.   Pioneer SCLX86 powering them. Obviously the more budget friendly the better but I'm wondering if I'll have to spend fairly decent money for fear of being underwhelmed? Using Focal 800v series speakers at present with JL audio subs so would hope for at least similar performance. I'm well versed in full fat Hifi gear but not had many dealings with style systems & zero experience of in wall installs so any advise would be warmly welcomed.

Cheers H


Posted on: 08 February 2016 by rjstaines

I'm impressed with B&W FPM series (Flat Panel Monitor). I've been using an FPM 4 as a centre speaker for a couple of years and have just bought a couple more for the main L/R ones (to replace Rega RS1s). There are a few appearing regularly on that auction site at prices between 200 and 400 (originally around 600).  Your could certainly do worse!

Posted on: 08 February 2016 by Splobadodge

Thanks I haven't stumbled on those yet. They look fairly deep so plenty of breathing space.

I like the look of the Kef T301 in a similar style but they look suspiciously thin. That's what the subs are there for though.

The Mon Audio sound frames are a good idea with the personalised art grill a premium for the screen prints.

I did buy a pair of PMC wafer 2 for 8ton off the auction site but had to send them back as they looked like the delivery driver had drop kicked them off the van! Granted I didn't have them long enough to put them through their paces properly. They seemed fairly good but would have been well disappointed if I'd have paid 2.2k for them. I only gave 2k for my big Dynaudio C5!

There is a hell of a lot of American/Canadian in wall stuff Definitive Audio, Paradigm, Klipsch etc how good they are I would not know. Although I do know they know how to make good Subwoofers if nothing else.

Posted on: 11 February 2016 by blythe

I use "Artcoustic Target SL" for surround duties in my home cinema.
Coupled with the same makers Spitfire SL18-8 front speakers and Spitfire SL 180-43 Subwoofers, all driven by an Anthem MRX700 (+sub amp) it all sounds mighty fine to my ears.
The Target SL are inset into my walls, so are very discrete too.
However, I just checked the pricing and they are possibly more than you wish to spend at 430 - I think that's the price for a single speaker......

Posted on: 16 February 2016 by MDS

I was sufficiently impressed with Focal domes that I bought a 5.1 set.  These small speakers are wall/ceiling mountable, as well as on stands/rack.  They also come in various colours. Don't let the size put you off as they can handle power and can pack a punch.

Although my home theatre system has evolved, my rear left and right speakers are still domes.


Posted on: 17 February 2016 by Splobadodge

Thanks for the input guys! Those Artcoustics look interesting, never seen them before..plenty of drivers in them. Are they all pumping out the same frequency or covering different freq ranges? I'll have a read up about them. Possibly more than I wanted to spend on this particular set up anyway but always good to have a gander at new stuff.

Yeah the focal domes are great little speakers. I am a fan of focals in general. Would love a lotto drop to splash on a pair of the grand Utopias.

Was tempted with a pair of 1038BEs before we bought the new house but fat chance now I'm skint for the foreseeable.

I went for the Monitor Audio Apex in the end in white. Got a good price on the bay for 3 x A40 for LCR duties & 2 x A10 & got to say I'm happy as Larry! They look pretty tidy so the missus approves. They sound fairly big for their size, but you'd be well disappointed with no sub. Good enough for general TV viewing with subs turned off though. The A40s are fractionally shallower in depth than the A10s so don't protrude out too far around the telly but have 2drivers instead of 1 so more air gets moved. Good cohesive sound field &they blend well with my 12" JL subs. Looking forward to trying my 2 JL13w7s in there as well when I get a min to clear the ear wax out.

Not sure I'd be too elated paying full retail for them but more than happy to get them for half price in v.good condition! V.well made, good weight to them having full Aluminium enclosures. Never auditioned any Monitor Audio products before so I'm quite impressed with the treble, really crisp, vibrant & detailed. The tweeters seem of v.high quality especially for a "style system". Well suited to cinema sound. Music however, I still have yet to hear anything that bests the Esotar tweeters of my my Dynaudios...Just a shame they need a kilowatt a side to make them sound anywhere near their best

Definitely sparked my interest to audition some of the bigger Monitor Audio speakers at some point though.

Will be looking at the M&K gear and also the B&W in walls when I eventually get round to the cinema room but till then I'm pleasantly pleased with the Apex speakers in the lounge.

Posted on: 18 February 2016 by Mr Underhill

I second MDS as a fellow Focal Dome user, as my rears in combination with a non-focal sub. Good for movies and music.


Posted on: 22 February 2016 by blythe

The Artcoustics are using multiple drivers but are essentially "two-way" using multiple drivers I believe. Think along the lines of the Royd speakers of old, where they used a small driver, or in the case of the "Doublet" two drivers playing the same frequency.
In fact, I "think" the person behind Artcoustic used to work (or was heavily influenced by) Royd loudspeakers.

Posted on: 08 April 2016 by Oldenbroke

How about M&K? I have a trio of MP7s (3 way) mounted around the TV on a plasterboard wall. They sound fantastic producing clear vocals and very 'musical' effects. The are 350 each unless you can find a deal. They come in white with white grilles as well - tidy!