4K tv with Skybox HD

Posted by: TOBYJUG on 13 June 2016

Just got myself a Sony 4K LED screen to replace the trusty Panasonic.  Got it connected to skybox HD into a Naim NDAC. Has anyone got any general tips on setup to get the best out of it ?    Sky don't offer any 4K content at present but am I right in setting the tv input from the skybox to upscale to 4K ?  On HD movies it's all wonderful , but on terrestrial HD broadcast still shots are wonderful but anything with a bit of action falls behind a bit.

I have a coaxial digital connection for audio from the sky box to NDAC,  no problems with syncing but of course will need the tv's volume when watching android content - but would I gain any quality from running an optical cable from the tv to NDAC - apart from solving grounding issues some have said that today's optical outputs are better.


Posted on: 13 June 2016 by Eloise

Do you have the Sky box set to scale or pass through direct?  I would make sure it's set to Auto. Your Tv can then scale to 4K. If you set it to 1080i then you may be scaling twice. 

You may just be coming up against the limits of Sky transmission though.