Would you get a Muso or Yamaha YSP 5600

Posted by: Splobadodge on 07 July 2016

Just chewing the options for my next buy really. Maybe a daft question to ask you die hard Naim fans but I'm contemplating a soundbar (size form factor) for the bedroom telly. Film, gaming & music duties. Not heard either Muso or the Yamaha yet so going to try a demo tomorrow after work if I get time. Saying that I've also spotted an Arcam soundbar at Nintronics for 299 which is a steal & Much easier on the wallet! I don't necessarily need surround sound, as long as it's quality.

Wondered what opinion you guys had on them or anything similar? Heard good things about the Muso, it's slightly cheaper too. Found the Yamaha at just over a grand (usually 1600) so not much difference. 

Was toying with the idea of some style sized speakers also. Iv got some Monitor Apex downstairs at the moment so I know they are good enough.....I've always fancied a pair of Anthony Gallo Strada2 and using them with a Meridian system I have spare but it takes up a bloody big chunk of inside my wardrobe using full sized separates.

Im open to recommendations if anyone has any? Iv already got subwoofers for low end duties if needed however Iv heard the Muso is more than capable on its own?



Posted on: 20 July 2016 by AB46

Have you heard the Paradigm Soundscape? I have one, for a sound bar that doesn't need a Sub. "BRILLIANT"