Naim sound bar or mu-so as sound bar

Posted by: Ken Forton on 18 April 2017

I have read a few older posts on the possibility of a sound bar and the use of the mu-so as a sound bar.  Any news on the development of a purpose-made sound bar?  If not, has anyone found a satisfying sound bar elsewhere?

I read some not so great things about the mu-so as sound bar.  For instance, that if the original signal is in 5.1 or any other format with more than two channels, the mu-so makes a garbled mess of it.  But, I saw a mu-so user write that he makes sure that his tv outputs in stereo and that solves the problem.  Any further insight on this? 


Posted on: 19 April 2017 by tonym

When my stereo amps were off being DR'd recently, I used my Muso as a soundbar for the telly, and it was brilliant. I took the TV's SPDIF optical feed into the Muso, but it also worked well with Bluetooth, the only downside of the latter being I had to reconnect every time I switched on.

The Muso, along with most other stereo units, cannot decode multichannel, hence the garbled noise, but it's a simple matter to configure your source, be it TV, DVD player, Satellite box etc., to output stereo.

Posted on: 19 April 2017 by Timmo1341

What further insight do you need? As Tony says, the Muso does not do 5.1, surround, Dolby etc. It does do stereo remarkably well. All TVs I have come across with optical output give the option of a stereo sound output setting.

Alternatively, if you want all the bells and whistles, buy a purpose built Monitor Audio or Sonos soundbar.


Posted on: 19 April 2017 by Ken Forton

I'm willing to let the TV fold it down to stereo.  I thought I had read that certain TVs do an awful job of mixing down.  Just checking around.

Posted on: 26 April 2017 by trickydickie

We've recently picked up a Canton DM55 Soundbase to use with our TV and very good it is too.  This may be a more convenient option and less expensive.  

You could pickup a Canton and buy a Muso QB for elsewhere in the house for the price of a Muso!