Qute Nap 100 and AV amp

Posted by: installer09 on 21 May 2017

Hi guys I have a qute 2 and nap 100 running through Neat Petites 2s, I just manage to acquire a matching centre speaker and was wondering how I connect up a Denon AV amp . Obviously I don't want to compromise on my music system .  I couldn't find any matching rear speakers , does it matter if I use say some monitor audios ? Thanks 

Posted on: 21 May 2017 by Eloise

The simple way is to connect the pre-out on the Denon (assuming it has them) for the front speakers to the analogue input of the Qute.  You then set the Qute's analogue input to "AV Fixed Volume: Yes". 

Leave the front speakers connected to the Qute / NAP100 and connect the rest to the Denon.

Its more important to have the front 3 identical (or as close as possible), but different rear speakers are not an issue.

Posted on: 21 May 2017 by installer09

Thanks Eloise ??