Posted by: robgr on 20 June 2017

I have an Anthem MRX520 AV Receiver set up as a 5.1 system (subwoofer in bypass mode)

If I listen to a Blu ray with a 5.1 mix I hear the subwoofer as it is being fed via the subwoofer/LFE output of the AV Amp (the discreet .1 part of the mix)

However, if I listen to a 2.0 mix I still hear the subwoofer which I didn't expect

What is happening here?

Is it that if the .1 channel is absent the AV Amp just sends the LF from R/L to the subwoofer output anyhow?

If it is undesired I guess one could create a config with the sw switched off

Posted on: 20 June 2017 by trans


You are correct. The MRX520 uses your speaker crossover settings to incorporate the subwoofer and a custom configuration can be created to leave it 'Off'. 

Since you have four configuration options, you could create two channel profiles with and without the subwoofer.

Obviously, Anthem recommends using their Room Correction...

Hope this helps,