A basic guide to SL2 set-up

Posted by: Richard Dane on 23 June 2017

A basic guide to SL2 set-up:

1. remove bass boxes from the packaging. Loosely fit spikes and nuts to the bases - leave a decent length of thread to level properly later.
2. Attach the tweeter arms to the bases. Ensure the arms are fully seated - failure to do so will give you big problems later. Tighten arms so they are vertical and stay still but are moveable. Best to push down on the arms when tightening to ensure they remain well seated.
3. Ensure crossovers are fitted correctly. tighten fixing screws so they just start to pinch rubber decoupling doughnuts. Do not squash them.
4. position speakers so their backs are as close to the wall as possible without fouling crossover cables.
5. line up a spirit level along the top front of the cabinet. Tip cabinet forwards so it rests on front pair of spikes. Adjust spikes so cabinet is level side to side when tipped slightly forwards. Tighten spike nuts.
6. lower rear and adjust spikes at rear so cabinet is level front to back (use spirit level).
7. because of the leaf spring at the rear, getting the spikes perfectly level at the back is tricky. A tip is to lean the cabinet forwards on the front spikes and then gently lower the cabinet at the back. As the spikes make contact with the floor, if one is longer than the other it will push the tweeter arm one way or the other. Adjust spikes and repeat until there is no lateral movement of the tweeter arm when the spikes touch the floor. Tighten.
8. Gently push on front of cabinet to ensure it springs perfectly back and forth. If there's any lateral rocking, go back and repeat step 7.
9. Place pips and washers into holes on base box top plate. Ensure that the washers are the right way up - there are tiny raised nodules on the three washer arms - these should face upwards.
10. Loosen the front tweeter surround plates on the top box. sometimes they can get stuck, so once the allen bolts and washers have been loosened, push the plate from in side the box to unstick it.
11. Ensure the interface plates are clean and free of dust, wool etc.. , then mount the top box onto the lower base box.
12. position the tweeter arm so that you can align the surround so the tweeter is as concentric as possible. Tighten the bolts on the tweeter surround.
13. do the final positioning on the tweeter so it is flush with the tweeter surround on the top box.
14. Do the final tightening on the bolts securing the tweeter arms to the base ensuring the tweeter remains flush. As tight as possible is best - ensure you don't strip the hex head though...
15. plug in the crossover cables to the respective drivers
16. plug in speaker cables.
17. do a final check. A gentle push on the box top should see the cabinet rock gently a few times back and forth and the tweeter appear to bob a bit.
18. attach the grilles ensuring that there is a small 2mm gap between the grille and the lower cabinet.
19. Sit back and enjoy!

Richard Dane

Posted on: 23 June 2017 by Richard Dane

With thanks to Clive (CDB) who so kindly posted some pictures of his SL2s in the box to illustrate how they fit within the packaging.  Note that the crossovers should be removed and fit down the side of the box.