Samsung Frame TV

Posted by: piggy on 23 July 2017

Has anyone seen one of these?

I'm looking at replacing an old 32" Sony from my living room and this would clear space from a corner unit and make the telly invisible and easy to install with a very thin cable to their smart hub which also powers the unit. 

Only setback is that it only has 1 tuner so would need a PCR and it's a relative basic tv but I can then l locate it in the centre of a wall and not worry about seeing a relative ugly black rectangle box on the wall. 




Posted on: 01 August 2017 by mudwolf

I really have enjoyed two Samsung TVs.  Years back in LA a friend said I had a balance problem, my old 32" Magnavox compared to my Naim sound system. Trying to see Lawrence of Arabia on it was pitiful.  The Samsung was incredible and always heard sound thru my stereo.

All the ads show a clean setup but they don't show all the wires and extra boxes needed. My cables are pretty ugly from a great clean setup.

Posted on: 12 August 2017 by DannyNaim

My grandmother used to have a Mirror TV that was from Samsung (well the TV was, the mirroring part was done by a third party but Samsung was the brand they trusted) and it was a beaut. I have been using different Samsung TV's for years now and never had issues with them, other than when Nvidia and the TV don't get along. 

Posted on: 14 August 2017 by Eloise

One consideration over TVs like this is ... the place where you would hang a picture is not usually the ideal place for your TV, and the ideal place for your TV would typically look a little odd to have a picture hanging there...

Posted on: 14 August 2017 by Richard Dane

Eloise has a good point.  I don't like having to look upwards at a screen.  I'm far more comfortable looking either straight on or downwards, and neither of those places are where you would normally put a large framed picture unless you like to have your room set out like the small picture room of the Summer Exhibition at the RA.

Posted on: 14 August 2017 by piggy

Yep, thanks for feedback and valid point just trying to see a way of having a larger screen without it taking over the room whilst keeping the room more for music and entertaining. It would be above a raditor so higher then ideal but there's always a compromise. On the + side it would be directly in the centre between my speakers.

Anyway what's wrong with having your own picture gallery! 

I'll pop into the nearest John Lewis and see for myself before deciding.