Anyone have a 4k projector?

Posted by: Consciousmess on 15 August 2017

Hi, I searched this and the posts are very dated. 4k is now accessible and you all know who supplies this - especially when most have at least 50 Mb Internet - many with 75 Mb + easily allowing streaming.

I now see 4k projectors less than £5000 and having a huge wall - what is current opinion about getting a 4k projector and screen?

Posted on: 17 August 2017 by Eloise

Essentially I think you need to get some demos.  A lot of “4K” projectors are not actually 4K just use pixel shifting technologies.  That doesn’t make them bad and a good 4K compatible projector (such as the JVC and Epsons) may offer a better picture than budget 4K projectors such as the new Acer DLP.