N-Vi second display failing

Posted by: meaculpa on 03 September 2017

Nothing on N-Vi's and then two posts in one day own the Forum!

My N-Vi is still going and providing surround sound in parallel with a 202 & 200 for stereo.  It has been back once to Salisbury when the display failed (it went as alternate lines failing), but apart from this and the occasional hard reset, it has been fine and used every day.  I now notice that the display is getting dimmer and dimmer.

I was wondering if this is going to need a replacement (surely no other way?) and if so, would the parts still be available?

Has anybody else had this issue with dimming? 

Finally, if I did need to replace the N-Vi what would be forum members suggestions be for a budget alternative to fit in with the Naim system just to provide surround sound?

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Posted on: 03 September 2017 by Tom H

This was the exact same issue I've been having. The display starts getting dimmer, and eventually fails completely. The only solution was to replace the display, but I've done this twice already and now it's failed for a 3rd time I'm wondering if it's worth persevering, or just get a more reliable piece of kit to replace the n-vi. 

Its a pity really, as the n-vi still sounds as good as ever. But difficult to control without a display!

Posted on: 04 September 2017 by meaculpa

Thanks Tom,

Have re-read your post properly now and see you have the same problem.

I was surprised and each of my displays have failed in different ways.

I have looked at Denon and Yamaha for replacement (I only have 5:1, so the slimline budget offerings from both of these manufacturers would fit the bill and still fit in my Fraim), but I would lose the CD player.  I do not use it much now as the NDX handles most of the music now, but I would feel I did not have a "hi fi" CD source if I needed one.  I do have a PS4 connected as part of the AV setup to the N-Vi which could play CD's if necessary, but it would feel a little "lo fi"!

What are you considering as a replacement (if the display replacement is ~300. not really an economic repair?)?