Pairing New Uniti Remote control

Posted by: Richard Dane on 16 October 2017

If you have already had your unit working and the remote is no longer pairing with your unit then the following sequence is the one that I have had confirmed as being correct...

Ensure that the Atom / Nova proximity sensor isn’t being triggered (volume indication LED ring on volume control is not illuminated).
Holding the remote away from the unit press and hold the “Home” button until the volume ring on the remote “circles”.
Once the volume indicator is circling release the home button.
Bring the remote up to the front of the Atom / Nova and place it flat against the display.
The remote should then pair with the Atom / Nova within about three or four seconds and the volume display on the remote stop circling.

If you continue to have problems pairing the remote with your unit after performing that sequence then please contact or your dealer.