best sounding hirez albums

Posted by: French Rooster on 13 July 2018

I invite everybody to share their best SOUNDING  hirez albums.  

For me, here are my best:      David Crosby: croz.   Qobuz 

                                                    Alfredo Rodriguez :  the invasion parade and the little dream.  Qobuz 

                                                   Laurent de Wilde: New Monk Trio.   Qobuz 

                                                   Miles Espanol/ New stekches of Spain.   24/192.  Hdtracks       

                                                 Leo Sidran: cool school/ The music of Michael Franks.   Qobuz    

                                                Jeff Beck:  Blow by Blow.  Hdtracks.  DSD.

                                               Shelby Lynne:  Just a little lovin.  Qobuz 

                                              Jowee Omicil: Letís BAsh. Qobuz     

                                             Aka Moon:  Now.   Qobuz 


ps:  if not indicated, the format is 24/88.

Posted on: 13 July 2018 by Jeroen20

This one is the first that comes to my mind. From

Posted on: 13 July 2018 by French Rooster

i must try Carmen Gomes on sound liaison, on dsd.  Album often cited.