Posted by: Obsydian on 27 July 2018

Can see Some old treads now closed, thought a useful tool worthy of a reminder, especially for those changing services or utilizing multiple services.

I currently have a Spotify Family Plan and Tidal Hifi, I do prefer Spotify Playlists as more UK focused, but prefer the HiFi quality of Tidal.

Pain for me has always been manually adding tracks liked on Spotify to Premium and the headache of juggling two services.

Queue Soundiiz, in 10 mins and 8GB later whilst roaming ???? I synced my favourite Spotify playlists to Tidal, there is a paid option to also sync playlists daily, weekly and monthly, so in theory it can become transparent and I get it all in Tidal Hifi.

I like to keep most my media downloaded for use on the go, mainly car but also when away.

The service includes allot of services, I have never heard of most.