Mick Jagger Interview

Posted by: J.N. on 27 July 2018

By David Hepworth on a 1985 episode of Whistle Test.

10pm this evening on BBC4.


Posted on: 27 July 2018 by Christopher_M

And while we are about it, 'Who breaks a butterfly upon a wheel?'

My paper tells me it's his 75th birthday, and he has a new hat with which he has been seen on Twitter. So happy birthday Sir Mick


Posted on: 27 July 2018 by Innocent Bystander

I was expecting an up to date interview, not a 30year old one - but it was still interesting.

Also interesting in that it is followed by the electronic music prom.

Posted on: 28 July 2018 by AndyP19

Excellent interview, Mick as clever as ever. Some great quips 'Ronnies's had loads of solo albums and none of 'em have been hits'. Also, Hepworth asks some very interesting questions - I always wondered why Mick didn't complete the Fitzcarraldo film.

The programmes before and after, TOTP 1971 and electronic prom were also a delight.

As always thanks to J.N. for his usual heads up on this stuff.

Posted on: 31 July 2018 by Skip

How can we see or hear this stuff in the USA?

Posted on: 31 July 2018 by Innocent Bystander

BBC have a facility called BBC iPlayer that you can use to stream recent broadcasts. I canít remember exactly what it asks when you log in, but I seem to recall you need to live in the UK - a few programs are regional (not many) and I think it uses your location to determine what it gives access to. You will need to be creative about where you live! I think it may also ask if you have a a TV licence - necessary to view - but doesnít as its number. 

There is a possibility that it might automatically detect you are not in the UK amd reject you. If it does, there are apps available for internet browsers that allow you to hoodwink sites into believing you are in a different country. If you need that and canít find, I could look up and see what I have used for similar purposes.