FINK download

Posted by: Japtimscarlet on 04 August 2018

Can anyone point me to where I can get a hi Res download of Fink ...wheels turn beneath my feet ??


Posted on: 04 August 2018 by AndyP19

Does it actually exist in Hi Res form? All the usual places Qobuz and have the 16bit for around 8.

Other that you could contact the record label Ninja Tune and ask them. 

Posted on: 04 August 2018 by Finkfan

As Andy says check with Ninja tunes. They respond very quickly. I know Horizontalism is avaible in Hi Res. Not sure about any other albums. I have seen various Hi Res tracks avaible on Japanese sites 

Posted on: 04 August 2018 by Erich

Fink 24/44.1 Qobuz

Posted on: 05 August 2018 by Japtimscarlet

Thanks to those that replied

I will investigate further ...