web sites beware ...

Posted by: Allan Milne on 31 August 2018


I see (sic) that Apple are being sued in the states for web site accessibility ...


Read the Mendez versus Apple complaint document at Scribd, where it has been uploaded by Mike Wuerthele from the AppleInsider.com website.


This is a little sad since I have always held Apple up as a guiding light as it is the only manufacturer that incorporates screen-reading software (Voice Over) in its standard iPod, iPhone and MacBook products and so makes them accessible to all us blind users out of the box.


There have been a number of law suits over the years against big companies (eg Disney et al) but unfortunately they get settled out of court and so no legal precedents or standards are set, I hope this one goes all the way and creates the much needed precedent.


This accessibility issue also applies to smart phone apps such as the Naim app, so keep everything together Naim, you are ok just now but keep your developers appraised of their responsibility to maintain an accessible product.




Posted on: 31 August 2018 by Bob the Builder


I had never even given this a thought thinking that this type of access issue would already be on the law books and so I'm completely with you in hoping that this one goes all the way and becomes law.