HDMI to SPDIF switch

Posted by: analogmusic on 08 September 2018

Hello all,

I use a chord Mojo for AV duties, but as it only has one optical input, it is quite inconvenient to keep switching optical cables between by Cable TV optical out and apple TV (for netflix).

I was doing some research (on the Naim forum) on what to do.... and I think [@mention:1566878603985147] mentioned he uses a few Octava devices for this with his AV2 (similar to what I am trying to achieve).

There are a number of such units on Amazon made by other companies, but not really sure of their quality. They are quite a lot cheaper than Octava, but I guess maybe one pays for quality.

Before I place an order for the Octava, any advice from other forum members using any such devices is much appreciated - whether Octava or not.


Posted on: 09 September 2018 by tonym

I've used switching optical devices in the past, fairly cheap ones, and they always seem to work OK. Another option, that might be more convenient if you've got a phono digital input, is to use an optical to phono converter. Again, these seem to work pretty well, certainly well enough for TV use.