If its new to you checkout the Integrated Information Theory of Consciousness

Posted by: gramophone on 22 September 2018

Just read about this theory    https://philosophynow.org/issu...ory_of_Consciousness.

I've been gradually absorbing it over the last few days, much of the time with transfixed grins of wonder on my face.

I find a lot of documentaries on physics slight let downs cos having only basic maths I can't appreciate the "beautiful simplicity' of the equation or whatever.

But this!!  This theory starts out from observations about consciousness that you can follow which are  then drawn out to maket logical deductions. These are then tied up in an elegant formula. In a full implementation of the theory figures (for anything from an elemental particle upwards) can be reliably estimated and entered into the fomula  (though the YouTube vid by Max Tegemark doing long calculations from the theory was beyond me),

The originator of the theory is Giulio Tonomi - check this dude out!! If anyone's gonna make the image of male scientists sexy it's him. For me it worked well reading the article (linked above) before watching Tonomi on YouTube. Here's Tonomi:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vl8J3K_ZLkg