????Danish Artist Kim Larsen Died????

Posted by: Peder on 30 September 2018

  ????????Danish Artist KIM LARSEN Died????????

The danish artist Kim Larsen has died,says his agent Jörn Jeppesen in a press announcement.
Kim Larsen fell asleep on Sunday morning after a long period of illness.

Kim Larsen was the lead singer of the rock band "GASOLIN" in the 1970-century,and had great success with songs like... "Hva Gör Vi Nu, Lille Du"..."This Is My Life" and "Kvinde Min".

Kim began his solo career after the dissolution of the group "GASOLIN" 1978.
As a solo artist,he made some 20 albums and sold over 3 million records.
Kim Larsen was 72 years old.

    ? Denmark's Largest Leading Star ?
Kim Larsen became Denmark's largest leading star,when he broke through in the band "GASOLIN",.says the Swedish music journalist Stefan Wermelin.

He was a great source of inspiration for many other bands.
Good melodic rock songs, good charisma and a good singer with a very charismatic voice,.he says.

The Swedish artist Mats Ronander,who has collaborated with Kim Larsen,receives the death penalty with sadness.
I will miss him very much,we were very good friends.
In the song "Make Me Happy Now" from 1992 sang Kim and Mats duet.

???? RIP KIM LARSEN ????


Posted on: 01 October 2018 by Peder

Here's a video on the song…
????"Hva Gör Vi Nu,.Lille Du".

This is one of Gasolin’s and Kim Larsen's great songs.
Wrote about it in the post above.
It came on a Live album 1975,..first time.
Kim Larsen sings in Danish.

Video "Hva Gör Vi Nu Lille Du"...below ????????





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    ? BONO and U2 praised KIM LARSEN ?

This weekend,.Kim Larsen went away,72 years old as I told you above.

When U2 played at the Royal Arena in Copenhagen last night,they directed a tribute to the popular Danish singer and musician Kim Larsen.

At the end of the concert,a picture of Kim Larsen adorned the big screen behind the band.
The singer Bono explained that the concert was dedicated to Kim Larsen.

U2 played a version of Gasolin’s  "This Is My Life" from 1976.

The reactions have been described as huge in the crowded arena.

?Below is a song written by Kim Larsen and his swedish friend Mats Ronander (see the first post). The song is "Make Me Happy Now" or in danish..."Gør Mig Lykkelig"

It starts with Kim Larsen talking for 2 minute.
Video below.. ????????



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 ???? Kim Larsen Hailed With Giant Concert ????

From Swedish TV...????????

"The whole Denmark will go out of house on Sunday.
It hopes at least Denmark's Radio,which arranges a Tribute Concert to Kim Larsen at the Town Hall Square in Copenhagen.

Yet it is not known which artists who will honor the memory of one of Denmark's most popular artists.
We decided to give everyone an opportunity to say a proper farewell to Kim Larsen,says Denmark Radio's Entertainment manager Jan Lagermand to Ekstrabladet.

Kim Larsen passed away on 30 September,72 years old.
He is known among other things,from the rock group Gasolin."

/Peder ????

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???? Kim Larsen's Autobiography Is Published ???? 

KIM Larsen worked with an autobiography before his death,stating Danish Radio.

The book was not fully finished,but will be written clearly by the author Jens Andersen,..and will be released on 4 december.

The Danish artist had come a long way in the collaboration with Jens Andersen,when he died on September 30 at 72 years of Age.

The idea was from the beginning,to give out a book about the popular singer's experiences,..from the child years to the breakthrough with the Danish rockband Gasolin.

/Peder ????

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    ? Gör Mig Lycklig Nu ? .....or in english                          "Make Me Happy Now"

Here comes the version of the above song,.. where Kim Larsen and the Swedish musician and close friend Mats Ronander sing together.

?They have also written the song together.

I have previously in the thread put in a video where Kim Larsen sings this song alone.
Mats Ronander is one of Sweden's most famous Rock and Blues musicians.
Mats Ronander has among other things,played with the Swedish group ABBA on their tours.

????The video with Kim and Mats..????????