Geoff Emerick - RIP

Posted by: Redmires on 03 October 2018

Shocked to hear on the radio just now that Geoff Emerick has died. I'll spin a couple of Beatles LP's tonight in his memory.

What memories he must have had.

Posted on: 08 October 2018 by Mr Paws

Yes, very sad to hear of the death of Geof Emerick he was a fine engineer and nice man too.  

I remember I think it was an anniversary of the Sergeant Pepper album and some bands like the Kaiser Chiefs and Stereophonics recorded songs from that album on an (I think) old Studer 8 Track tape machine  and Analogue mixing desk.  I think the tape machine belonged to Mark Knopfler but Geof Emerick loved playing around with his old kit again and the Kaiser Chiefs front man Rick Wilson and Sterophonics Kelly Jones commented on how good the Analogue sound was.  

I recorded that programme so iíll have to watch it again.

Thanks for posting this tribute Redmires.

R.I.P. Geof Emerick