What Radio Station Are You Listening To Today And What's On?

Posted by: Bob the Builder on 06 October 2018

As a radio lover I'm always interested in new stations and new shows. So I'll kick off with a firm favourite.

Naim Internet Radio 320kpbs 

I love the mix on this station especially the classical selections that I'd never normally listen too.

Posted on: 06 October 2018 by Mike-B

Yup 100% for Naim Radio,  & agree the classical plays interspersed with the pop, rock & jazz make for  a interesting listen .  However its Saturday & that means things to do.    Early(ish) start to watch F1,   then Today (news) on BBC R4 (steam radio)  then R2 to realise (yet again) I really don't like Dermot O'Leary.   Go to SA local web-radio & internet to get the lowdown on the big game today, Springboks v All Blacks, to sharpen up for the e-mail's I usually get after a Springboks game - I fear its gonna be tears today.   Then over to Radio Paradise, my usual Sat morning listen, in between domestic duties,  I expect I'll be on that until Paul Gambaccini at 13:00.

Posted on: 06 October 2018 by simon, but not simple

BBC6 Music. I work from home so listen all day, everyday. A good mix of indie/edm/alt rock with knowledgable presenters.

Posted on: 06 October 2018 by Mercky

Radio Swiss Jazz is a favourite of mine, sounds wonderful although only 128k. Radio Paradise too obviously along with Pure Jazz Radio NYC and Swiss station 1.fm Lounge stream. I also have Linn Jazz and Naim preset on my Favourites too along with RT… Lyric Fm. Itís good fun browsing around vtuner and checking out reggae stations in Kingstown or whatever! 

Posted on: 06 October 2018 by pete T15

FIP Radio from Paris which is great and covers a Huge range of music . Otherwise BBC6 Music or Classic FM . 

Posted on: 06 October 2018 by Clive B

Jazz A to Z on BBC Radio 3 FM, right now. 

Posted on: 07 October 2018 by Rich 1

'Cos it's the weekend, Classic FM. I'll flit to Linn classics probably and Angel Radio later. Week days it's BBC Radio Solent first for local news, weather and travel news. Then Angel Radio if the music's to our taste. Lunchtime may be Radio 4.

Posted on: 07 October 2018 by Bob the Builder

Listening to David Rodigan Radio 1Extra on demand 

Posted on: 07 October 2018 by Paper Plane

Been Absolute Classic Rock most of the day, when there's been an opportunity to actually listen, in between helping to look after granddaughters aged 1 & 5...


Posted on: 07 October 2018 by Christopher_M

R3. Unclassified introduced by Elizabeth Alker. Part four in a series of six, featuring music not easily classifiable into classical or rock.

Posted on: 07 October 2018 by Bob the Builder

Listening to MiSoul this morning as I do every morning on my faithful little Roberts DAB.

Posted on: 16 October 2018 by Christopher_M

Mark Watson on R4, talking about possesions. Good on blokes and watches.

Posted on: 20 October 2018 by Christopher_M

Live blues from a band from Guadalupe on Loose Ends on R4. Allaes kicking down handsomely.

Posted on: 31 October 2018 by Christopher_M

Today was too much with reports of attacks on NHS staff. Switched to R3 for Breakfast. There has been a lovely piano and violin peice, described as 'Ghosts of my father'. I will look it up properly later.

Posted on: 02 November 2018 by Christopher_M

Essential Classics on R3, presented by Ian Skelly. His music feels right on this sunny morning with cuppa. Now playing is something or other on nine wind instruments.

Posted on: 05 November 2018 by Christopher_M

R3. Mix Tape, with dinner in the oven and a glass of cheering red.

Not sure this thread is getting great reception.

Posted on: 05 November 2018 by Paper Plane

Radio 4 Extra. Just about to start a Dick Francis thriller.


Posted on: 06 November 2018 by Christopher_M

Today on R4. At about 30 seconds to nine, they played a clip made by a sound designer from the Imperial War Museum recreating the moment the guns fell silent at the end of the First World War. Then there was a snippet of birdsong. Then, imo, they crashed the pips. I'd have liked to have seen a bigger pause for reflection.

Worth hearing though.

Posted on: 19 November 2018 by Christopher_M

R4. Clue. Very good on the Portland rabbits and Admiral Lord Nelson.

Posted on: 19 November 2018 by Bob the Builder
Christopher_M posted:

R3. Mix Tape, with dinner in the oven and a glass of cheering red.

Not sure this thread is getting great reception.

Thanks Christopher for keeping this thread of mine alive and kicking I do find it surprising that it wasn't a more popular subject I suppse it refelectos hw little people use the radio as a 'serious' source.

Posted on: 19 November 2018 by Richard Morris

Audiophile Jazz (320kb/s). Dee Dee Bridgewater singing New Orleans.

Posted on: 22 November 2018 by Christopher_M

Thanks Bob. Seems there may be a bit of disconnect between those who say their NAT is their best source, and those who can be bothered to write about what's grabbing them on it 

Anyway, the reading of Middle England on R4 just after midday had me roaring. Especially the bit where one of the characters lays out his 5,000 page novel on a pub table and invites comments.

Posted on: 22 November 2018 by Alfa4life

Pirate Christmas.... lots of jolly christmas tunes 

Posted on: 22 November 2018 by Redkev

6 music with Marc Riley 7pm till 9 pm

Posted on: 01 December 2018 by Christopher_M

Today prog (on R4) from about 8.15. Sad about Bush Snr. But he had a long life and quite a family life according to John Major speaking about their friendship. I felt sentimental momentarily. Then there was a bit of Brexit with Sam Gymiah (sp?), then Frank Bruno talking to Gary about big things like mental health as well as tonight's heavyweight contest. And also still with that ridiculous trademark laugh. Know what I mean 'Arry.

Now Saturday Live.

Posted on: 04 December 2018 by Christopher_M

BBC R3's Essential Classics introduced by Suzy Klein, starts the working week. (Yesterday was a day off).