???? Montserrat Caballe' has died ????

Posted by: Peder on 06 October 2018

       ???? Montserrat Caballe' has died ????

The Spanish Opera-Star Montserrat Caballe’ has died,..she was 85 years old.

Montserrat Caballe’ debuted in 1956,and has performed at major opera houses all over the world.
?1987 she also got a Pop-opera hit with "Barcelona",..a song she did with Queen-singer Freddie Mercury.

The following year,the duo also made an entire album of the same title.

???? RIP Montserrat Caballe' ????


Posted on: 06 October 2018 by Bert Schurink

Sad news. A great opera singer....

Posted on: 06 October 2018 by Monster

She was amazing in Puccini...

Posted on: 06 October 2018 by Eoink

Sad news, a superb voice and interpreter.

Posted on: 06 October 2018 by EJS

Sad news, a wonderful singer with a unique voice. A few of her best recordings:




Posted on: 07 October 2018 by Rich 1

Had a very listenable singing voice  Rip