Tomatoes- shows us what you grew this year

Posted by: Kiwi cat on 07 October 2018

I posted this in March in our Southern Hemisphere summer. These Macedonian “ Skopje” tomatoes were seedless and deliciously meaty in texture. Did any of you northern hemisphere folks grow a good crop over this last summer?

Posted on: 07 October 2018 by Richard Dane

We had a good crop of Tumbling Toms, and Big Boys but sadly long gone now - they arrived so early this year thanks to the fantastic hot weather we had down in the south east of the country.  Plenty of watering though - buckets hauled up from the well every day.

I quite like the idea of growing some seedless tomatoes - certain family members can't eat seeds so they have to be carefully removed before eating.  Those Skopjes look wonderful!

Posted on: 07 October 2018 by Alley Cat

I managed to grow tomatoes well for many years either in pots or a small (ahem!) plastic glasshouse, but in the last decade virtually every crop has been hit by blight so I've given up.  Seems to only take a day or so of too much humidity or rain for the disease to set in.

Posted on: 07 October 2018 by count.d

Tried 3 varieties this year.

Paul Robeson - very nice. Good full flavour.

Black Russian - very nice. Good full flavour

Indigo Blue Berries - look pretty, but very poor bland acidic flavour.

I've tried all sorts of Brandywines in the past, but they need to be in a greenhouse with a very good summer of sun to produce anything worth the effort.



Posted on: 07 October 2018 by Matty.s

We tend to stick with the same 2 varieties every year as we get pretty consistent results.

Money maker and Shirley both grown from seed.We then repot when approximately 3 inches tall in to individual pots.We then leave half of each in the greenhouse and the others in the poly tunnel. 

Posted on: 08 October 2018 by Rich 1

Better to say what didn't grow due to the lack of rain! I didn't grow food crops this year but I had my best crop of weeds in years! Lawn even now looks poor. Good showings were cyclamen, foxglove and Mediterranean type planting. Many more dry summers like last and I'll have to be very careful about what I grow, food and flowers. Rich