Music Used in 'James May's Cars of the People' - BBC4, Sunday 7th October

Posted by: J.N. on 09 October 2018

About 42 minutes in, immediately after the superbly apposite 'Hero' by Neu (referencing a BMW 320), there is a quiet snatch of music which I cannot identify. I tried Shazam, but the foreground dialogue is too loud to obtain a result.

I'm thinking 'early Elton John'. Can someone identify the song please? It's driving (no pun intended) me potty.


Posted on: 11 October 2018 by Gavin B

John, you need the BBC's Find A Track website:

Looks like it could be Super Furry Animals!

Posted on: 11 October 2018 by Innocent Bystander

I havent had time to view, but going to BBC iPlayer and selecting the programme and then selecting ‘credits’ gives a list of music played: listed at 39’ Iggy Pop and Lust for life, 43’ Jam Going Underground, and 44’ Super Furry Animals Northern Lites. If it wasn’t one of those, and then maybe it was incidental, caught from something in earshot rather than a planned part of the soundtrack.