Muso QB - Airplay 2 - 1.7 Firmware Update - Roon Broken

Posted by: QB'd on 12 November 2018

Updated successfully but now my Muso QB no longer works with Roon.

Any suggestions / fixes ?

Posted on: 13 November 2018 by Adrian_P

According to Naim this is happening because the new 1.7 Mu-so firmware updates the Mu-so Airplay library to Airplay 2 which Roon do not currently support. Naim have informed Roon of this and provided information to help them restore functionality.

Best contact Naim directly for further details on when Roon might provide a fix, or maybe check on the Roon forum.

Posted on: 03 January 2019 by NickBiden

Bizarrely I have a similar issue which I work around like this (it's a nuisance and may deter me from adopting Roon)

Airplay to the Qb from an app that supports Airplay 2 (BBC Sounds/Tidal/Spotify etc) then try from Roon. Not a long term solution as it doesn't address the underlying issue but it has been working for me.

Note that I don't use this routinely as I'm happy driving my Qb and UnitiQute from the Naim app or other streaming apps. I'm just looking for something that puts the library in a single app for the less techy people in my house.

Posted on: 03 January 2019 by cdboy

Try closing Roon down completely on all computers and devices and restarting it. Worked for me. 

Posted on: 04 January 2019 by PixelPopper

This sounds like a local issue, if itís still causing problems, as roon issued a fix before Christmas.

Contact Roon support if required, they respond quite quickly.

Posted on: 04 January 2019 by QB'd

This was fixed almost immediately by Roon. If all your Roon software is updated this should no longer be an issue.

Posted on: 04 January 2019 by Bart

After a software update there is a chance that Roon no longer recognizes your device as the same device it was before the update. Go into the Roon settings and look for endpoints and you might need to add the Qb again.

I point this out as I did a 'factory reset' of my ND 555 and after that saw that Roon wasn't seeing it.  Went into Roon settings and had to add it again.

Posted on: 04 January 2019 by NickBiden

Thought it was worth a quick update following the various contributions.

I have been discussing this with Roon support and have undertaken a brief test for them. In short there appears to be an issue with Sonos Beam/Qb compatibility. Each device works fine in isolation but when they are grouped in Roon they don't play nicely. You get output from one but not the other.

Roon confirm that build 363, released Nov 2018, addresses the airplay2 issue and that is borne out by the testing that I have done where both the Qb and Beam work fine in isolation.

Roon will be looking at the logs from my Roon core to try and better understand the issue.