Unworthy releases

Posted by: Consciousmess on 22 November 2018

Just bought a ‘great’ CD package of 8 of the main composers each with 4 discs... it’s called e.g. The composers - Mozart.  BUT, the fidelity of sound is atrocious.

Could there be a thread of albums - even a full  forum - not to get for this reason? People praise some albums, but for an audiophile site, sharing Naim as replay, isn’t it only right folk warn others??

Posted on: 24 November 2018 by Motel Blues

There are entire labels that deal solely in EU copyright loophole releases that should be named and shamed, possibly here. What label was your offending CD on?

Posted on: 25 November 2018 by blythe

Talk Talk's album - "Natural History".
A sort of "Greatest Hits" but sadly losing all of the great sound quality of the original albums production in the process. 
A total disappointment.