Bo Rhap Movie

Posted by: kevin J Carden on 01 December 2018

What a corking good movie! Historically accurate? Hell No, this is Hollywood. Fair to all involved? Of course not. Extremely moving and great fun? Definitely. Big thumbs up. Get thee to a movie house before it goes ex. 

Posted on: 02 December 2018 by JamieWednesday

Yes just seen it ourselves. Flawed in its clunky dialogue and chronology (‘We will rock you’ recorded after 1980..!?!?) but of course Queen, Freddy and the music are imperious.

Rami’s performance as Freddy is astonishingly good, sufficient to bring the tear to my eye that occurs occasionally when I think about what we lost.

The SQ was pretty decent too.

And lots of pussy shots.

Posted on: 02 December 2018 by Simon-in-Suffolk

Yeah I’m sure far from accurate, but I totally enjoyed it.. and agree the sound was fab.. enjoy it in a cinema with a top spec system...such as from some of the more specialist independents..