Integrating a CCTV System in to home cinema setup.

Posted by: sidney on 02 December 2018

Hello All,

I have recently installed a home cinema system and I am considering integrating my CCTV system so I can easily view camera images on any monitor in the house. I have a 4 channel DVR which I purchased from DTS Digital the system supports a composite video output and my home cinema system supports a coaxial video input. My question is how do I know the two will be compatible. I know that my DVR output is analogue but if the two are not compatible will it damage either system in anyway..?

Posted on: 02 December 2018 by james n

If the home cinema system supports a composite video input (usually a single RCA socket, colour coded yellow) then there should be no problems. Check it is actually a video input and not a digital input for audio purposes and all should be fine. 

Posted on: 02 December 2018 by sidney

Hello James,

Thank you for the response, yes it is a phono socket on the system which is RCA if I'm not mistaken. I got some other advice from another forum as well and apparently even if your CCTV system is HD the composite video output can still support analogue. I am concerned that the input on the cinema system is SDI though so may not be compatible in the end. Ultimately I need a BNC to phono plug in order to take the output from the DVR to the AV system.