Einaudi, Classical Music or not?

Posted by: Ardbeg10y on 09 December 2018

I travel a lot for work, and when I meet people, I ask quite often about interest in music. When I ask what kind of music someone likes, the answer is often 'everything' and when I ask another question, the extremes Classical Music and Dance music are often mentioned together. One likes apparently both. When I ask what kind of Classical music, the reply has been more than once (in two weeks this time): 'Einaudi'.

So I have done a simple test at home. I have a bunch of kids. One has no interest in any music besides hardcore Classical music (studying mostly Bach himself). Two has a more open style (playing Amelie on piano / French horn) and Three does not have any interest in Classical music (but is surely very talented in music). When I switched on Einaudi, number Three immediately reacted on it. When the number was finished, he asked - without being aware of the experiment - to have the same piece of music again. Nr. Four has only intrest in playing with the knobs of my Nac 72 and the turntable.

Personally, I consider Einaudi more pop music than classical music - and this is no judgement :-)

Posted on: 09 December 2018 by Richard Morris

Why didn't you ask the kids what they thought?

Posted on: 10 December 2018 by Rich 1

I bunch Einaudi along with Glass, Stravinsky and some but by no means all modern composer's as 'contemporary classical'. Some I like, Glass and Einaudi, some such Stravinsky less so although parts of Right of Spring are interesting. Rich