Spotify connect Shuffle problem

Posted by: Sjoerdsr on 15 December 2018

Since the spotify problems several weeks ago most spotify functionality is working fine except Spotify shuffle. Since this works fine on all my of my sonos it appears to be a naim problem ? No matter from which spotify app (iphone, ipad, several windows pc's, macbook) I try to use shuffle it does not seem to work properly. At first it won't work at all and plays my albums / playlist in normal order, not shuffled. Then after turning shuffle off and on again several times I see the playlist finally being shuffled. But then out of nowwhere I see it (I have the playlist window opened) reverted back to the normal order again (while shuffle seems to be "on"), so I have to switch shuffle on and off several times to have my playlist play shuffled again. This reverting back to the normal order can also happen "magically" after listening for half an hour or so. Since only my naim has this problem it appears to me that something needs to be fixed ?

Hope I described this problem a bit understandable becuse english is not my native language ...

Posted on: 23 December 2018 by wallyhk

I have the same problem, it's very annoying. It is definitely a bug with Naim and Spotify Connect because I have another Spotify Connect device and the shuffle works fine.