Idagio streaming

Posted by: nbpf on 15 December 2018

After having cancelled my Qobuz Sublime subscription, I have decided to give Idagio a try. The service is focussed on classical music and the app is clean and inconspicuous which I like a lot.

The drawback is that there is no Idagio interface for upmpdcli. Thus I have plugged a Chromecast Audio that I had in the kitchen into the nDAC and I am using the Idagio app to cast to the Chromecast Audio.

As one would expect, the sound quality is not very good in comparison to streaming to the nDAC from the DigiOne Signature via Naim DC-1 BNC-BNC.

Has anyone compared the quality of Idagio 16bits/44.1kHz streams on different Chromecast Audio enabled devices? What are your findings? Does the Idagio app support gapless replay?

Thanks, nbpf