ND5 XS second hand purchase?

Posted by: HardBop on 16 December 2018

I've the opportunity to buy a 2nd hand ND5 XS from my long-time dealer at a good price. I'm currently streaming using chromecast audio into nDac: music is stored on PC and I use plex media server and Ipad/Iphone as the controller. Been very happy with the results given the cost of the CCA device.

I've kept up to date regarding the various virtues (or otherwise) of the replacement streamer range and would welcome any thoughts on using the ND5 XS as a possible stop-gap before (possibly) considering one of the newer models at a later date.

I wish to continue using my CDX2 (fabulous player) and currently use this with the Dac and XPSDR. I realise the Dac could serve both the streamer and CD player, but I suspect choice will have to be made on which unit to pair the XPS with ( purchase of another power supply not an option). Any thoughts?

On reading many posts regarding gapless playback this is one thing I hope to resolve which I appreciate is an issue with CCA. I subscribe to Qobuz given it's far better choice of jazz and classical than Tidal. My dealer also believes that SQ is a little better with Qobuz as well. However, I realise that Qobuz is not integral with the naim app, unlike Tidal. Any thoughts on how I would resolve this issue...using Qobuz gapless with the ND5 XS?

Grateful for any thoughts/suggestions. Thanks.   

Posted on: 16 December 2018 by ChrisSU

I imagine your dealer would allow you a home demo to see if the ND5XS sounds any good. 

As you say, Qobuz is not natively supported. There are a couple of threads here about how to run BubbleUPnP server to get Qobuz on an old Naim streamer, and it works very well  It costs nothing if you have a NAS or computer to run it on. 

Posted on: 16 December 2018 by Huge

Gapless isn't an issue with the Chromecast Audio, it does gapless just fine if the sending software supports gapless mode when connecting to the CCA.  In other words gapless isn't a problem in the CCA, it's a problem in the APP that's sending the data TO the CCA.

If you have an an Android device, the fix is simple - cast the screen instead of casting from the app (and yes it does work up to 24/192; if you have well sorted WiFi on your network).

I'm not sure that the SQ from a ND5 XS + nDAC / XPSDR will be significantly better or worse than a CDX2 + nDAC / XPSDR.

Posted on: 16 December 2018 by HardBop

Thanks for the comments.

CHRISSU - Yes, I'd read about using BubbleUPnp and would try that if I bought the streamer.

Huge - Yes, I take your point I have used HiFi Cast with an android phone to play gapless with local streaming from my PC (plex media server). I didn't think I could do this with qobuz streaming, but I may be wrong. Could you explain a bit more about casting from the screen rather than the App.

If the SQ with ND5XS/nDac/XPSDR was as good as CDX2/nDac/XPSDR I'd be a very happy bunny!! 



Posted on: 16 December 2018 by Adam Zielinski

 I think that CDX2 makes for a better digital transport into the nDAC. Of course ND5XS is no slouch either...

Posted on: 16 December 2018 by NickSeattle

If FM matters to you, the FM versions of the ND5XS and NDX are brilliant ó better usability than other FM options, via the Naim app.  FM is not (currently) offered on the newer models.



Posted on: 16 December 2018 by Bob the Builder

That is a very expensive way getting gapless playback. I had an ND5XS and really enjoyed it but personally I would buy a dacless streamer something from SoTM maybe there are many, many options out there that will probably sound as good if not better connected to the ndac than the ND5XS and you wont have the problem of which unit to use thw XPS on.

Posted on: 16 December 2018 by hungryhalibut

If you bought an ND5XS you could connect its digital output to the nDac, just like you do with the CDX2, as the nDac has two spdif sockets. The XPS powering the nDac would thereby benefit both sources and there would be no need to choose which to connect it to. 

For what itís worth, I have Bubble upnp on my Qnap nas and it streams Qobuz to my 272 really well, using the Linn Kazoo app, with very good sound quality. I tried Qobuz on a Chromecast once, and it sounded dreadful. 

Posted on: 17 December 2018 by HardBop

Thanks for the feedback/advice.

HH - Hadn't realised I could hook up the streamer as you suggested and get the benefit of the XPS2 for both the streamer and CDX2. Also appreciate your comments regarding use of Bubble Upnp.