Intermittant fault on Naim ND5 XS Streamer

Posted by: Idris Roberts on 17 December 2018

I keep 'Losing' 3 inputs on my ND5 XS streamer. USB, Spotify & Tidal.

 I am unable to set a static IP address and have to let the network setting (In maintenance section) find IP automatically.

The streamer will work then for no apparent reason it 'Cycles' between on and off for a few minutes then i find i have lost the inputs mentioned. I have the latest firmware installed. Have Done 'Factory' reset - problem still exists. Any suggestions? would be appreciated.

Looks like a visit to my dealer to have the unit checked out!


Posted on: 17 December 2018 by David Hendon

This all sounds odd. Did you install the 4.6 firmware yourself? If so what version of firmware did you have before? In particular you need to have 4.4 installed before you put 4.6 on it otherwise Tidal and Spotify won’t work. If you bought it already upgraded, do you know whether 4.4 was there before 4.6 was installed?

I wouldn't worry about setting a static address. You are better off leaving it to get an address from the router using DHCP. But the turning on and off several times is very odd.



Posted on: 17 December 2018 by Mike-B

I would also go back to factory default settings before uploading 4.4 followed by 4.6.     In addition I suggest not to have static IP addresses,  if a static address has a glitch,  then DHCP will sort it.     DHCP is specifically designed for domestic systems & it does that extremely well.  

Posted on: 17 December 2018 by Idris Roberts

Thanks for your reply, firmware version 4.6, installed over 4.4. I have had the unit from new and carried out firmware upgrades from day 1. The fault mentioned is intermittent. As stated, the unit cycles on & off occasionally. Sometimes the three inputs work, sometimes they are not even there! I can access my NAS unit, dab radio / fm / internet radio and all separate DAC digital inputs. When the fault occurs, only the USB, TIdal and Spotify inputs are missing. Fault happens about every 7 days or so, annoying to say the least. Next step is a visit to my local Naim dealer.

Posted on: 17 December 2018 by David Hendon

Yes definitely sounds like a fault then. So as you say, back to your dealer.