magico S3 and Naim

Posted by: cedars on 20 December 2018

Has anyone tested or has the Magico S3 MkI with naim nap 300/552. There are some good deals on the magico S3 Mk Is.


Posted on: 26 December 2018 by BritishSea

I believe that Martin Colloms (HIFI Critic) uses the S3 with a NAP 500.  I think some fourm members have heard Martin's system.  I am personally interested in the S1 (Mkii) for a small room and hope to set up a demo this winter.  Would be interested from members who have heard either speak with Naim.

Posted on: 27 December 2018 by HansW

Martin Colloms uses the Magico S5 mkII but has reviewed both the S5 and S3 very favourably. The mkII versions of both speakers are much better, and substantially more expensive, than the earlier verdions according to the reviews I have read.

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Posted on: 27 December 2018 by Piotr1

I heard S3 with 300 DR and with 500.  I can only say "wow" what a sound !!!

With 500 it was .... the best sound from Naim I have ever heard ...

S3 needs some space to work well so room should has 25 - 35 square meters.

I also had a chance to listen S3 mk II but with Moon and it did not impress me, sound was very clinical and bass was rather slow in my opinion in such configuration.  


Posted on: 27 December 2018 by cedars

A belated Happy Christmas to one and all and a peaceful and prosperous new year.

I am starting a home demo on the S3 Mk I this Saturday. Will keep you informed. The Mk II is not within my budget at the moment.

Posted on: 27 December 2018 by Bart

I look forward to your thoughts.  I home demoed the A3's and enjoyed them.  Like any speaker, they must match both your system and your room.  The A3's were pleasingly lively yet subtle in my room, but in my dealer's highly damped listening room and with Moon amplification, they were a bit too "boring."  But not boring at all in my home.

I could get a pair of gently used S1's at that same price, but they really are not "full range." The A3's certainly are!

I really want the new M2's but at $56,000, plus extra for the bases, "not at this time."  He'll have them in a month or so and I'll go have a listen. M2's would be great smaller-room, truly luxury speakers.