Uniti Core USB Backup Drives

Posted by: Quads on 21 December 2018

Hi all, i had a question about utilizing and formatting an additional USB hd for my music, photos, etc.

As background, I have a Core with an internal hd that I rip my cd's to. I also have a USB drive for the backup. Both drives have been set up with the Core's particular formatting at the outset. (allowing backup/import straight from the Core, which I've used successfully. I know I could do this on the network as well).

I have an additional drive with much greater capacity, and thought I could use it for all my music and photos, etc. Given that this drive won't be set up with the Core's formatting, will there still be a fluid interplay between it and the Core if needed?

Hope this makes sense, and thanks!






Posted on: 21 December 2018 by David Hendon

This will probably work fine but given that these drives cost very little to buy, itís a bit odd to try to use one drive for everything. Itís not the right strategy and you should think it through more carefully I suggest, before you commit.



Posted on: 21 December 2018 by Quads

Thanks David much appreciated.

Good point. I didn't mention that the extra hd is a (standard?) 8tb which I have since put into an enclosure for USB use. It's a long story, but I thought why not just backup 'anything and everything' to it since I have plenty of space (and also have the other USB for the first backup for music).