New to Naim

Posted by: Mac_1 on 23 December 2018

This is my first post and looking at some of the discussions / threads so far iím in way over my head what with cable dressing, vibration, harmonics etc. I just want to listen to good music and get those goose bumps when I hear great quality sound (within my price point).

Iím fairly new to Naim also and can only list one piece of equipment, a MuSo however the bug has bitten me.

I auditioned a Nova in the week with some Spendor D7ís, PMC 25.24ís and finally with a pair of PMC 25.26ís.  Nothing could have prepared me for hearing the Nova through quality speakers for the first time.  I know a lot of you on here will have far superior systems however I was actually shocked by the quality of sound.  Before the audition I had set my heart on the Spendorís and for me they had the edge over the 25.24ís however I made the mistake of listening to the 25.26ís and they were better again.  I do listen to a lot of female vocalists so maybe the dedicated mid helped there...

Now for the problem, the room.  The room is 4.3M wide and 6.4M long (speakers on the short brick wall) and wait for it, itís a conservatory!  The floor will be ceramic tiled, the roof is 300mm thick insulated and plastered (warm roof style) 2.1M high tapering up to over 3M high with glass to the front and one side. The floor is going in atm so should be useable by summer (the screed takes 2.5 months to dry) so iím still a fair way off auditioning at home.

Any advice of any description, anyone with a similar room, similar equipment, views in general?

Thanks in advance

Posted on: 24 December 2018 by Gazza

When I auditioned my Nova I thought I would be ending up with Kudos super  20,s. but came away with the PMC 25.26. They seem to be well suited together. I also tried the Russell K 120 and 150, but they like the Kudos mentioned did,not seem to match with the Nova to my ears.

I have a room of similar dimensions, but not a conservatory. I would suggest a home demo if possible. I started with a Muso, then Nova, and now have separates, itís a bit addictive????

Posted on: 24 December 2018 by Mike1951

Carpets and heavy curtains!

Posted on: 24 December 2018 by Mac_1

Mike thanks for the reply, no carpets iím afriad just ceramic floors, carpets would spoil the underfloor heating effect, no curtains either the blinds are in the glass...

I do however appreciate itíll be a compromise in sound vs comfort.  In all fairness iím coming from a pretty low base with the music iíve listened to in the past.

Posted on: 24 December 2018 by Filipe

Put your Nova on Naim isolation glass, cups and balls or better still Fraim. Glass is 452x400x10 toughened safety glass. Costs under £100. Cups and balls from TomTom or ordered through dealer. Will make a big difference.


Posted on: 24 December 2018 by hungryhalibut

Ceramic floor and glass walls will almost certainly sound awful. Iíd suggest putting the system in another room. If thatís not possible I would wait until you can actually demo the system in the conservatory. 

Posted on: 24 December 2018 by Mike1951

... or build another room... ????????

Posted on: 24 December 2018 by Innocent Bystander

Some people may describe the Nova-PMC 25.26 as a Ďmulletí, meaning far to good a speaker for the rest, suggesting spending more on the source. If you like it, ignore them!

If all components speakers make the single biggest difference to the character of the sound , and in my view are worth getting right as early on as you can afford (by the way, they PMC do even better speakers than the top of that range - but at a cost). If ever you change the Nova for something even better, the system will sound even better. The counter-mullet argument is get the source as good as you can and spend far less on the speakers - whilst that may give you greater clarity and detail, it would be at limited by the character if whatever alternative speakers, and particularly if you like a full range sound that could be an issue. I first discovered transmission line speakers over 40 years ago, and have never heard anything to beat them at the bass end - I have PMCs now.

Posted on: 24 December 2018 by Clive B

I would join the chorus recommending carpets (or heavy rugs) on the floor, curtains and soft furnishings. But it will be a challenge taming the acoustics of a room like you describe. And definitely try before you buy. 

Posted on: 24 December 2018 by Mac_1

Clive, rugs are certainly doable along with sofaís etc.  Thanks for your input

Posted on: 24 December 2018 by Mac_1

Innocent thank you, itís all a bit early days but I thought similarly, there is an upgrade path maybe a 250DR or itís big brother.  Hopefully to improve the system further before changing the source. 

Posted on: 24 December 2018 by ChrisSU

If you have a good dealer, they should be working with tou to find a system that works well for your needs. All the more important given that a conservatory might well be the listening room from hell, especially with a tiled floor, no curtains or carpets. My gut feeling is that a good quality standmount speaker might work better than a floorstander in room like that. 

Posted on: 24 December 2018 by Bob the Builder

I listened to a QB for the first time in Curryís last week and though it sounded fantastic and when I can source a used at a reasonable price I will be getting one. 

Remember us lot are not in your living room you are and if you are as happy as you sound then thatís good enough. 

One thing is your dealers will be perfectly  set up to sound good and the same system that sounded so good there may sound different in your home. 

Posted on: 24 December 2018 by Guinnless


I'm in a conservatory too, a small one (3m x 4m).  The floor was quarry tiles but has now been covered with carpet, wooden blinds are on all the windows and a heavy-ish curtain covers the "patio door" access. Spendor A7s fire down the room.
The system itself is in the dining room on an Atacama stand with NAC A5 running through a hole in the wall so the conservatory itself is just the speakers, a chair and long case clock ( I don't hear the ticking )

If I'd have known I'd be using it as a listening room I'd have had a larger conservatory built.  But I have what I have.

Although yours in a new build with much better insulation than my 20 year old you may find that it gets warm, very warm in summer. My solution was air-con, and a recent upgrade to replace a 12-15 year old unit means more heat/cool for lower running costs.