Uniti Atom/Audiovector SR3

Posted by: HardyLFC on 24 December 2018

I have an Exposure 2010 amp and Audiovector SR3 Signature speakers. I want to upgrade my amp to a Naim Uniti. Quick question: Will the Atom be able to drive my SR3 or should I consider Nova instead? My living room is approx 30 sq meters. I dont spend that much time listening to loud music, but it happens. Everything from Rammstein (when my wife's out), Pink Floyd, rock, blues but also more "quiet" music.

Any advice will be welcomed

Merry Christmas from Copenhagen 

Posted on: 24 December 2018 by PSAN

Your Audiovectors are not hard to drive, so the 40w of the Atom should be fine. The Nova, of course, will bring increased control and even better SQ. If in doubt I'd suggest you arrange a demo (Hi-Fi Forum is pretty close to where you are).

Merry Christmas from Copenhagen as well.

Posted on: 24 December 2018 by M37

If I understand correctly, the S/Si/SR3 range was developed with the notion that you should be able to drive them with almost “any amplifier you like.”