Favourite Reissue Of The Year?

Posted by: JazzDocNaim on 26 December 2018

I guess there have been some important ones this year. We have seen the 50th anniversary editions of 'The Beatles' and 'Electric Ladyland' but if I had to pick just one, my choice would be the 50th anniversary of Jethro Tull's 'This Was'. The HiRes Steven Wilson mix on the DVD sounds great. Sadly, I don't have the hardware to play the surround mix.

Over to you Naimees ... What is your favourite reissue of 2018?

Posted on: 26 December 2018 by ewemon

For me it has to be either the Beatles White album set or Bobbie Gentry and I am swinging towards the Beatles White album as usually demos etc are on the whole pretty awful but these weren't.

Posted on: 27 December 2018 by antony d

Genesis - Selling England 180, The Beatles Abbey Road, Genesis Trick of the tale

Posted on: 27 December 2018 by Premmyboy

Iím not sure whether these 2 count as re issues but Dylan More Blood More Tracks & Primal Scream The Memphis Sessions head and shoulders above all the others Imo.

Posted on: 27 December 2018 by Richard Dane

Tough choice.  The Kate Bush LP reissues have been a huge success to my ears - Having said that I'm only up to the Red Shoes so far, so haven't heard them all yet.

Whatever you may think of The Beatles remastering, the reissue brings us the Esher Demos - at last freed from the sonic constraints of dodgy multi generational bootlegs - so that has to be up in the running.

The Buffalo Springfield What's That Sound?  box set of vinyl reissues is superb, as are the latest Crosby, Stills & Nash vinyl reissues; CSN and Daylight Again, so all three are contenders.

However, my personal favourite reissue (and, now I've really considered the question, by a country mile, truth to tell), is the Don Rendell and Ian Carr Lansdowne Recordings box set from Jazzman.  I have longed for this reissue for ages, and just when you think it'll never happen...   Beautiful presentation, fabulous sound, and some of the finest Jazz ever caught on tape (and it's British!), this has to be the best vinyl reissue of 2018.

Posted on: 27 December 2018 by Stampie

On sound quality terms (i.e. no fancy boxset etc.) I would have to go with Jimi Hendrix - AXIS: Bold as Love SACD from Analogue productions


Posted on: 29 December 2018 by Kevin-W

On every measure I can think of - curation, annotation, packaging, SQ - the runaway winner has to be The Girl From Chickasaw County: The Complete Capitol Masters by Bobbie Gentry. Lasting about 9 hours and containing no fewer than 75 previously unreleased tracks, this set offered a unique chance to evaulate an important and underregarded artist.  Everything about the design, photographs, essays etc was peerless too.

A number of publications, including The Times, Mojo, New York Times and LA Times,  named it as the reissue set of the year.