Why run power through the SNAIC 4 to 4 pin DIN from preamp to power amp?

Posted by: JimDog on 28 December 2018

Why does Naim run power from the power amp to a preamp through the same cable as the audio signal? Doesn't that pollute the audio signal with interference?

When power is needed for the preamp wouldn't it be better to run it through a separate cable?

And when power is not needed for the preamp - e.g. between my 272 and 150X - is it possible to switch off the power running through that SNAIC - or does this happen automatically?

If not, then why doesn't Naim (or someone else) make a version of this cable without power running through it?

Posted on: 28 December 2018 by Richard Dane

Jimdog, it's best in the context of a Naim system to keep the earths of the pre-amp power and pre-amp signals as close together as possible to ensure least noise and best performance.  As for any possible interference, power to the pre is DC and signal is effectively AC, so that any possible interference is minimal and outweighed by the advantages of running the earths close together.

Also see here: 


The FAQ is a good read to learn more about why Naim do things the way they do.