Shipping options

Posted by: Dan.S on 28 December 2018

Hi everyone,

Need to ship 2 black boxes plus a package containing the speakers, plus a box containing the speakers stands, from Netherlands to Australia. I've shipped the black boxes before (in Europe) as extra luggage on the plane but in this case, would cost me 1600euro for the 2 black boxes alone.

Any suggestion? I would like to pack the things myself at home, using bubble wrap and stretching foil and not having to unbox everything when delivering to the collection point. It would be even better to have the packages picked up from home.

Thank you.

Posted on: 29 December 2018 by Derek Wright

Be aware that Australia has very strict rules on the packaging materials, wooden crates have to be made of inspected timber.

I suggest you contact a shipping agent who will ensure the goods are packaged correctly and safely  and then shipped in a container to go to Australia arriving there about 4 weeks later. They would also be able to arrange delivery to the final destination.


I had to ship a 4 foot high clock case to New South Wales, I followed the above process and the goods arrived safely a few weeks later. The shipping company gave me status information and I was able to follow the track of the ship.

Posted on: 29 December 2018 by Guinnless

Do a transaction on eBay using the Global Shipping Program. ????