PRS Graveyard

Posted by: Dungassin on 29 December 2018

My local guitar shop now has in stock a PRS Graveyard guitar.   I honestly think it's the prettiest guitar I've ever seen.  They've got a red one with the Raven headstock. Haven't heard it yet, but if it's not sold soon I might just ask to try it out.  

Told SWMBO about how good it looked, and her immediate response was "You're not buying it!"   I reassured her that I'm not (really, I'm not going to get it), but don't think she believes me.  After all 'you already have too many guitars'

Have a look at it on t'internet, if you've got 10,500 to spare ...

Posted on: 29 December 2018 by AndyP19

I have a US Strat and Tele but pretty much stick to an SG these days.

I used to know a guy who had an amazing collection of guitars and I asked him how he got these past the SWMBO and he said well I just buy classic guitars and if I pay a few grand for one I know I can off load it for the same price or more the next day.

Like classic cars, classic guitars are a great investment. 

Posted on: 29 December 2018 by Don Atkinson

Change your avatar to "Gassinagain" and go buy it

Posted on: 29 December 2018 by Clive B

I made a search on the Internet and found one at Andertons guitars. It was priced at 8,995, a saving of 1,500 over what your local shop is selling it for. You could use female sale logic, tell her you saved lots of money and take her on holiday with the money saved.

It's not for me though. The one I saw had a flame top, but the flame formed more of a chevron and it was too fine. Gibson has made the same mistake (IMHO) too recently. I like a broader flame, going straight across the join (rather like my '60 burst, which I use as my avatar on the Kabin forum).