Record & CD Fairs

Posted by: Jonners on 29 December 2018

This may be the wrong Forum for this in which case I expect Mr.D will move it but I'm wondering the following:

A: Whether any TT-owning Forum Members attend Record Fairs, in which case - any to recommend?

B: Whether a Fair might be a suitable place to meet over a cuppa and a biccie any of you might fancy it one wet weekend morning or afternoon to shoot the breeze and put faces to names.

I'm up for London or Birmingham and anywhere in-between if anybody's interested? If there's no takers then I'll assume folks prefer the anonymity of online life, no bother either way.

Posted on: 29 December 2018 by Salmon Dave

Possibly more suited to the Music Room but anything goes here. Nearly.

I've been going to Fairs since the 1980s - usually Bristol (now in the Colston Hall - 5 floors I think!) and Cheltenham. The occasional small one turns out to be rather good - one in Cirencester recently.

Always haggle on price (despite the occasional cold shoulder) and don't listen to smarmy over-chatty dealers.... though some are genuinely good blokes (and always blokes, though increasing numbers of women buying these days). You can always talk to people there, many will engage... :-)

Posted on: 30 December 2018 by Jonners

Thanks Salmon Dave, I've found a website called Vinylbank which is a good list of fairs. Appreciate the haggling tips.



Posted on: 31 December 2018 by Premmyboy

Iíve been to a few of the big ones in London. There used to be one at Wembley and I think it relocated to Olympia. Prices tend to be high catering mainly to foreign buyers. I have picked up a few bits though.

I have also attended smaller fairs at Dunstable and Stamford. Prices tend to be more reasonable but a smaller selection overall. 

Haggling is definitely worth trying especially on big ticket items. Iíve not been to a fair for a few years though.