N-vi: possible to connect 2 pair of stereo speakers.

Posted by: ernie on 30 December 2018


is it possible to connect a second pair of stereo main speakers to the N-vi?

Currently the unit is just used in a 2.0 stereo set up with florstanders. In a new open double living room it would be good to have another pair of speakers to not listen around a corner. And 3 amplifiers of the N-vi are still unused. Unfortunately I couldn‘t find anything about that in the manual.

It would be great if anybody could help. 

Thanks and a good new year‘s eve. 

Posted on: 30 December 2018 by Richard Dane

You can run more speakers but only as part of a multichannel setup.  You can't re-configure as two stereo zones.

Posted on: 30 December 2018 by ernie

Ok, thanks for that clear answer.