Devialet vs kef

Posted by: Ggmogo on 01 January 2019

ok Iím looking to upgrade from my Naim Muso qb. Trying to decide between two Devialet reactor 900s (for stereo when it comes out), Devialet Silver Phantom, kef ls50W. I listen to a lot of electronic and hip hop. I am looking for deep bass and a high max spl. I would pair the LS50Ws with a sub I have. Recommendations are appreciated as well. My budget is around 2K. Thanks! 

Posted on: 01 January 2019 by Obsydian

I just got back from Westfield wherr Devialet now have a tiny shop, but I thought I'd venture in, but as per the last demo not my cuppa tea.

Though as I said before Naim are missing a trick and should follow a similar model, many motor manufacturers with owned or franchised dealerships now do the same.

Anyway back to your question, I would go with a Naim Atom and a set of book shelf speakers (Focal 926 or even 706) for me the new range excels with dance, trance due to the way Naim do PRaT, being able to follow complex, evolving bass lines is why 25 yrs ago I went Naim and never turned elsewhere.

I believe the Atom can also use a sub.