Biamping two Nap 140

Posted by: Pierre2LR on 01 January 2019


For a long time, I have had a Nac 72, a Nap 140 and a pair of Jean-Marie Reynaud loudspeakers. 

Recently, I have had the opportunity to buy a pair of Davis loudspeakers.

Now that I have got four suitable loudspeakers, I am thinking of buying a second Nap 140 to be able to use these four loudspeakers simultaneously.

Is it really possible to use two Nap 140 together with a Nac 72? 

Do you think it is worth it? Could you advise me, please?



Posted on: 01 January 2019 by james n

I'm not sure how good that setup would be but...

You'd need a Hicap to power the 72. Output 2 to one 140, Output 3 to the other.

Alternatively, you could do it with a custom made Y cable and no Hicap but if you need to ask how...

Posted on: 01 January 2019 by Richard Dane

I would not want to be using two sets of speakers simultaneously in a 2 channel stereo system. 

You can certainly use two NAP140s to passively bi-amp a pair of speakers (should they allow bi-wire/bi-amp connection), but as James says above, you'll need to have a Hicap powering the NAC72.  The Hicap provides the 2 pairs of stereo pre-amp outputs required.

However, you may well wish to consider just what you want to achieve before making the next move.

Posted on: 01 January 2019 by Pierre2LR

Thank you all for your advice.

I think that first I am going to purchase of a Hicap to power the Nac 72. (I should have done this a long time ago!)

Posted on: 01 January 2019 by james n

Good plan