Audirvana 3 to Naim Uniti Star connection problems....

Posted by: TerryB on 01 January 2019

I just bought a Naim Uniti Star, and am trying to play the music library stored on Audirvana 3 on it, from my (new) iMac.

The Uniti Star is not showing up as an uPnP option on the "Preferred Audio Device" to choose when I try to make the uPnP connection. It seems the iMac is not communicating with the Uniti Star, although they are both logged in to the same network.

I wonder what can be the matter? It worked briefly, then died. The wireless router for internet is located downstairs in the kitchen. I am in an upstairs bedroom. Could that be a factor?

Any suggestions for what the problem might be would be very welcome....

Posted on: 01 January 2019 by Mike Sullivan

First try rebooting your router and App. A wired Ethernet connection will be much more reliable though. You may a;so need to check the security settings on the Mac as the new MacOS automatically blocks connected devices and you have to allow them access to the Mac.

Posted on: 03 January 2019 by GOlson

Hi TerryB,

I'm afraid that your problem 'finding' the Uniti Star in Audirvana runs deeper than reboots or security settings.  This issue, with the new streamers, has been discussed in the past.  See this thread:

Audirvana support has suggested that there might be a solution forthcoming with a Naim firmware update.  Let's hope.